IDEAL Sars Cov2 workstation

Sars Cov2  magnetic RNA extraction workstation

IDEAL96 Automated Extraction Robot

Manufacturer: IDEAL

The IDEAL 96 SARS COV2 extraction system involves the interaction of magnetic beads covered with a polymer similar to silica with nucleic acids, in optimized buffer conditions.

Features :

  1. High throughput. 96 samples in 20 minutes
  2. Versatile. The same reaction steps for any pathogen or sample type
  3. Easy-to-use. Intuitive device with flexible programs
  4. Robust. Stable magnetic head, not affected by vibrations
Magnetic RNA extraction for SARS COV2, very safe and fast. 7 x 96 well plates

Safest Sars Cov2 extraction solution.

Aurora Versa 1100 is used for larger amounts of samples.

Samuel Howdy, Mc Kesson, Lab specialist

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